Personal Training

personal training
If you need assistance with your fitness goals, motivation, or just a jump start in your workout routine, one of our certified trainers can help you. Sign up by clicking the 'Register Now' button below or come to the community center to get started. A certified personal trainer will contact you to arrange your first appointment. 

If you are just starting out, one of our certified personal trainers will be happy to start you off with a Fitness Consultation! They will walk you through how to structure a workout, as well as suggest exercises to help you meet your goals! 
Fitness Consultation: $18


As recreation Supervisor, I care about your experience and want you to consider the Community Center Fitness Center as your Fitness Center. I am here to help answer questions and pave the way for your fitness goals to be met. My fitness journey as a Certified Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor has grown over the years into a passion of helping others feel comfortable in a place that they can comfortably come to reach their fitness goals. Time and consistency are the key to transformation.

Please contact me with any questions., or call me directly at 660-262-4691


Barri Taylor

My love of training others started during my time in the Air Force where I regularly led PT for large groups, small groups, and individuals. I enjoy helping people reach there goals and improve their quality of life so becoming a Personal Trainer was a natural progression. Partner with me to benefit from everything I have learned in 20+ years weight lifting, playing sports, and high intensity workouts.


Elizabeth heevner

I am a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Fitness has transformed me physically and mentally. Now I want to help you accomplish your goals with programs that will drive you to your personal fitness goals.

Danna Tracy

I love helping people set and reach their healthy goals through a variety of fun and safe exercise methods.  I have years of dance education, training and experience, and am also a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. 
Cathy Reynolds

Cathy Reynolds

I am a certified personal trainer with the National Exercise Trainers Association and teach spin and group personal training classes at the Community Center.  I have always enjoyed running and in 2016 I started coming to the Warrior Club group exercise class.  This group setting encouraged me to begin performing at a higher level.  The aerobic and strength components of the group classes allowed me to become stronger and it also helps me relieve stress from my busy life. I feel that an exercise program is what you make of it.  You can start off slow and light and in no time you will become stronger and see results.