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In our last 2 press releases we announced that our grounds and facilities, including all parks, playgrounds, shelters, ball fields, as well as Lions Lake, were closed to the public through April 20 due to the City of Warrensburg’s Emergency Declaration to help reduce the risk and prevent the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

While we completely understand families wanting to play outdoors for both your physical and mental health, we all have a responsibility to practice social distancing, according to the CDC limiting social interactions and keeping groups small to slow the spread of the virus.

So, while our parks are closed to the public, we encourage everyone to practice new ways of play and exercise - take a walk in your neighborhood, ride bikes together, engage in fun yard games at home. Use this extra family time to find a new family hobby - art, music, cooking and baking, reading, game nights, yoga, organizing, puzzles, gardening - there are lots of opportunities to reconnect as a family and try something new.

Please make sure to follow our Facebook Posts as we share new ideas and activities, indoors and outdoors, to help you and your family maintain focus and boost positive feelings. And please remember, we take these measures for the health and well-being of everyone, including the most vulnerable of our neighbors and community members, as we work through this crisis together.

Be Safe.

Warrensburg Parks & Recreation

Up-To-Date information about COVID-19 can be found online at and at

Warrensburg Parks & Rec

Warrensburg Parks & Recreation has something FUN For Everyone!

Warrensburg Parks & Rec is dedicated to providing you and your family with the best facilities, programs and events for your recreational and leisure activities.

From our outstanding parks, swimming pools, ballfields, tennis courts and Community Center, to our extensive, ever-changing list of Sports activities and programs, we take pride in providing equal access to everyone as we connect and engage children, families and communities.

You can sign up for daily, monthly or yearly memberships to our Community Center! These passes give you full access to the Indoor Aquatic Center, the Award-Winning Fitness Center, and any & all exercise classes at the Warrensburg Community Center! And as always, guests have FREE access to the Indoor Track & Gymnasium. 

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